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Cubans will have five days off in late December 2007 and early January, 2008, as part of a group of measures to restructure labor activity in the country, according to releases published in this capital Monday.

To the recent decision by the Council of State to declare December 31 and January 2 as days off, the Work and Social Security Ministry announced today to work this time December 22 instead of December 29.

Through the September 18, 2007 254 Decree-Law, the island increased from seven to nine days off in the year.

Until 1997, days off only included January 1, the day of the victory against the 1959 Fulgencio Batista regimen, May 1, Workers' Day, July 25-26-27, with the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons attack led by President Fidel Castro in 1953, and October10, the start of the armed struggle against the Spanish colonialism in 1868.

However, the country joined December 25 to that list 10 years ago, as a gesture for Pope Juan Pablo II's visit to Cuba in January 1998.

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