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More than half of the money meant to promote subversion on the island remained in Miami, swelling the counter-revolutionary and terrorist ringleaders personal accounts

Not satisfied with stealing the US taxpayers in the name of their obsession for Cuba, now George W Bush wants to cajole others in the world in order to create an International Fund to speed up the transition towards "democracy," as he announced in his most recent anti Cuba speech.

But it will be a difficult task. The misuse of funds created with similar purposes is public and well known, immersed in scandals like the one after an audit was made last year to investigate how the federal government and its agencies manage the federal budget and the efficiency with which they carry out their functions and programs.

Therefore, when these multi-million resources meant to promote subversion on the island and pay US mercenaries, were revised the Government Accountability Office, GAO published a 63 pages report entitled "Assistance to democracy in Cuba needs better administration and overseeing."

According to what was known then, more than half of this money, never reached its destination, but remained in Miami, forming part of the personal accounts of counter revolutionary and terrorist ringleaders. Another part of the total was used in dubious shopping for Nintendo and Play station games, a mountain bike, canned crabs, an electric wheel chair, cashmere sweaters and Godiva chocolates, anybody knows for whom.

Explanations were all a joke, expensive fur coats for the constant intense cold of the island, fine chocolates "for people who are starving" video games for "entertaining" the bored "dissidents," in the end as Frank Hernandez Trujillo, Executive Director of the so called Group of Support towards Democracy in Miami said. "It is part of our work, to show the Cuban people what it could get if it were not living under the (Communist) system."

However, we have to say, that the funds for Cuba were not the only ones wrongly used, since stealing and fraud are a regular practice in the US government. This can be seen with the money supposedly allocated for Iraqs reconstruction after the material and humanitarian disaster caused by the invasion and US occupation.

At the beginning of this year, we heard the news that of the 57 billion dollars supposedly meant for this goal, one in six was fraudulently used, or some 10 billion dollars coming from US government funds were lost in unjustified surcharging and expenses, carried out by different hiring companies, according to data released by the GAO and the Pentagon and the State Department.

With such precedents, one might ask if there are any people in this world naïve enough to entrust their money to the "Lord of the Wars" for the announced International Multi

Billion Fund, meant to turn the struggle for a freedom already achieved, into another lucrative imperial business.

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