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Pinar del Río is carrying out a general study to reorganize the areas destined to coffee growing, including soil conditions, workers, and climate conditions, all of this aimed at increasing yield and production.

As a result of the analysis is expected a reduction of more that 1 000 hectares out of the around 4 800 covered by these plantations in Guaniguanico range, one of the principal mountain chains of Cuba.

Noydes Rodriguez, coordinator of Turquino Plan in the province added the projections to use unsuitable lands to saw fruit trees and foster reforestation and cattle farming.

Although coffee production is prone to increase, the shortage of resources, the harvest imbalance and the lack of workers affect the accomplishment of the commitments.

Even though, over 80 percent of the grain traditionally processed in the westernmost territory of the country is exportable and in great demand especially by Europe and Asia.

That is based in the rigor of coffee growers concerning scientific criteria, aimed at preserving the soil, decontaminating waters and sowing associated growings.

Among the agriculture measures, the growers follow a biologic control of plagues that may affect coffee as long as they strengthen the quality of the nurseries, the production of manures instead of fertilizers and the recovery of industries with three ecologic coffee pulpers.

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