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The magician Ayra, José Álvarez, reasserted in Las Tunas city, to 670 kilometers to the east of Havana, the importance of the International Festival of Magic Amphora, convoked by this province, as the only competitive square for the illusionists of the whole country.

Ayra, who has performed in the Cuban Television several times, is an unconditional assistant to these appointments and he considers them necessary, even if they were every two years in order to allow a better training for the magicians in the Caribbean island.

About Amphora 20007, Ayra, professor of the School of Magic in Santiago de Cuba province, the oldest in the country, and in the Festival of Magic Areíto, values an upward moment in the quality of the magic in Cuba, with better conceived shows and stronger competitions in all the modalities of the magic.

In the fourth day of competition, the magician Ayra taught a masterful conference on cards in the colloquy The magic Millennial Art that is the theoretical part of the event.

Tonight there will be big illusions with a central show in Tunas Theater with the participation of illusionists from different regions of the Island and on Saturday the company Soñar despierto will perform with its show Latin Magic, one of the most expected.

The Amphora gathers to more than one hundred magicians from the country and a guest from Spain, the magician Juan Roldán, as well as to companies from Matanzas, Varadero, Santiago de Cuba, Havana City, Camagüey and the hostess Huracán Mágico. The prize-giving ceremony will be on Sunday night.

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