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Nuevo festival de cine LA
As it had been made public, the 29th edition of the New Latin American Film Festival will be held from December 4th to 14th with more than a hundred film in contest, including best Opera Prima (Prime Work) in 23 Havana City cultural facilities, incuding the National Museum of Fine Arts and Old Havana Vieja, Mankind Heritage.

For this reason two important cinemas, usual venues of the Festival: the Acapulco and the Riviera were reconstructed previously to the remodelling and general reconstruction to be done in the 23 most important cinemas of Havana City next year.

Just like previous years we can watch the most representative works from the New Latin American Cinema (some 100 films) together with the usual international showcases including recent films from Spain, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and International Contemporary Panorama, besides the already traditionals "Latinos en U.S.A.", Cine Experimental actual en los Estados Unidos" and "Hecho en Cuba", although the world premiere of any important movie, as it happened in previous events, is not scheduled, at least up to the present.

Concerning the cash awads we must say that the Havana Festival, together with Amazonia Films, will grant U.S.A $ 30, 000 to the Opera Prima Coral awarded film, plus U.S.A $ 5,000 to its director. An the winner of Best Film U.S.A $25,000 plus U.S.A $ 5,000 to its director. This is a copyright payment in order to screen both films in Venezuelan cinema halls, and afterward on Latin America; we mean to spread the most relevant coming from the current Latin American film production.

And even more, this year something new is going to be presented: Fantastic and horror films in Latin America, together with "Cines del Sur", ("South Cinemas") this year dedicated to the Crenada Film Festival, and again the Videoteca contracorriente with assorted materials so importants like inerviews to: Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Alfonso Sastre, Emir Sader and Rafael Cancel Miranda, among others.

The regular moviegoers and lovers of film history will enjoy retrospectives dedicated to the Brazilian Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, to the French Eric Rohmer and to the Spaniard José Luis Borau. Besides, a tribute will be paid to the 40th anniversary of the Viña del Mar Film Festival, where the best and the most of the international Latin American avant-gardè met in Chile, 1967. With this aim a tribute showcase and a seminar is planned and dedicated.

Now Our America lives quite a special historical moment due to the appearence of truly people`s democratic governments, so the Cuban audience may judge if Latin American filmmakers capt the level of thehistorical moment we are living..

Another seminar is the traditional "El mundo audiovisual del niño latinoamericano" ("The Latin American Child Audiovisual World") together with two film showcases: the first one on Latin American films, and the second on other latitudes films, both dedicated to the children, of course.

Besides, the seminars "Latin America, reality and utopia" and the classic "Latins n the U.S.A ." will be also held

Several exhibitions will be opened, being among them:, the film posters on contests in the hall of the "Charles Chaplin" cinema, a showcase of oil paintings by painter Vicente Hernández, creator of the poster of this Festival, in the Servando Cabrera Moreno Gallery. In the House of the Festival, located in 19th and 2nd Streets, "El ojo estallado", in December 4th. A tribute to Luis Buñuel, and in the Museum of Fine Arts, another one dedicated to Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, "Titòn".

Concerning the Cuban TV, the Canal Educativo 2 will broadcast and important and recent Latin American moive, plus the informative eight-minute program informing the most important moments and films of the day, and some advancements, This spaces will be on the air every night.

And to conclude we are pleased to inform you that the expects "passports" equivalent to 15 tickets (only at $20.00 national currency) can be bought at the aforementioned House of the Festival, located in 19th and 2nd Streets as well as the "pre-tickets" (at $2.00 in national currency, each one) in the box-offices of the cinemas along 23rd Avenue, El Vedado.

We mean, this year we shall surely enjoy a quite varied Festival of the New Latin American Film Festival, which will please the most demanding audiences.

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