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At this time 16 979 students are taking twelve courses at the municipal universities of this province.

This registration that belongs to the University of Camagüey, has been spread to the 13 area municipalities, where the first young group coming from the social workers program is taking its sixth year already, who will take such careers such as: Law, Psychology, Social Communication, Society and Culture, Sociology, Bibliotecology, then after, many other careers were added to the program: History, Economy, Industrial, Agronomy and Agricultural Engineering.

This important task, guided to achieve the general and the primary culture of Cuban people, it is assumed by 2 640 professors, a little more than 100 of them work at the University, as long as 2 514 are professionals who belong to different sectors which have received educative categories throughout the exercising at the tribunal, mainly working as instructors and assistants.

This pedagogical pattern that works under the teaching principle aided from a distance program, has a wide bibliography, so much in books as in computers, to which students as professors can access easily since they are supported by the Ministry of Education from each municipality while making possible to dispose of classrooms programs and audiovisual means of its teaching centers, thats why SUM works mainly late-night and rarely during working hours.

It is relieving that there are universities in local areas near neighborhoods, where people can study those courses that once they had out of the reach their hands.

The universalization of the Cuban education not also includes universities but also pedagogical institutes (with 20 000 students), Medical Sciences and Physical Culture.

The system goes beyond graduate degrees, thats why it is possible to have access to graduates and masters courses in any municipality of this province, already last year a young professor, Vilfredo Avalos, obtained a Doctor's scientific grade in Pedagogical Sciences in Santa Cruz del Sur throughout the Superior Pedagogical Institute José Martí of Camagüey.

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