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Luis Miranda, president of Casa de las Americas in New York, deceased in that US city, received the tribute of the people of Cuba Thursday ,for his constant support to the Cuban Revolution.

"It is impossible to say good-bye to him, it would be betraying him: we do not say good-bye to him, we will always stay at his side," said Cuban National Assembly (Parliament) president Ricardo Alarcon, during Miranda's burial at the Cemetery of Colon in Havana Thursday.

Alarcon said that Miranda, whose wish was to be buried in Havana, represents dozens of thousands of Cuban revolutionaries living in other parts of the world.

"Miranda is an example of dignity, vigor, patriotism, knew different things, like bombs, threatening, prosecution and punishment," he said.

Born in Cuba in 1928, Miranda went to the US from where he was an active collaborator of Cuban revolutionary movement 26 de Julio.

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on January 1, 1959, he kept his support to Cuba and in 1962 he helped the Cuban delegation that went to the UN General Assembly that year.

Cuban President Fidel Castro sent a flower offering to accompany his body.


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