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Miguel Barnet
Miguel Barnet, one of the most edited Cuban writers outside Cuba, affirmed in Santiago de Chile that to receive an award named José Donoso is a "luxury of the soul".

"In the panorama of the XX century Latin American literature, the name of Donoso, means the deepest and brightest property of the verbal invention, therefore it is a luxury of the soul", specified Barnet.

"That gives the possibility of being with José Donoso in an endless space", added, in allusion to the novel "El lugar sin límites" ("The place without limit"), of the Chilean writer, deceased in 1997.

Barnet make the statements while thanking being awarded with the 2007 edition of the Letters Iberian American Award that is named after the Chilean writer that is given, every year the University of Talca and Santander Santiago Bank.

The award has a 20,000 dollars price, a medal and a diploma and is being awarded since 2001, in memory of the also author of "Coronación", "El obsceno pájaro de la noche" and "Casa de campo" among other works.

Barnet, 1994 Cuban Literature Price Winner, a novelist, poet and essayist was elected unanimously by a jury presided over by Rosalba Campra an academic of the La Sapienza University in Rome.

Barnet is very important in the novel field with publications, such as "Biografía de un cimarrón" (1966) ("Biography of a slave"), the story of a Cuban slave who ran to the mountains and survived until the XX century.

Other important works in the trajectory of the Cuban are "La canción de Rachel" ("The song of Rachel"), the story of a Cuban "vedette" from the beginnings of last century; "Gallego", a story of an Spanish immigrant in Cuba and "La vida real" ("Real life"), about a Cuban who misses his homeland in the USA.

In his thanking speech, Barnet said also that "more than create, more than invent, what Ive done in my prose is to recreate, reinvent even a tradition that was going to die, to act as a voices resonator, appearing wit its own light figures that were drowned in the opaque".

The author, that has been an important poet with works, such as "La piedrafina y el pavorreal", "Carta de noche" y "Mapa de tiempo", among many others, affirmed that to receive an award with the name of José Donoso it is a double surprise.

"First the unexpected of the news unties the emotion and the skepticism, giving way to the certainty and then the name of Jose Donoso, author of a work a legendary excellence in the XX century Latin American narrative", he added.

Before Barnet the Mexican José Emilio Pacheco (2001), the Argentinean Beatriz Sarlo (2002), the Chilean Isabel Allende (2003), the Peruvian Antonio Cisneros (2004), the Argentinean Ricardo Piglia (2005) and the Portuguese Antonio Lobo Antunes (2006) were distinguished with this award.

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