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"Las potestades incorpóreas", novel by Alberto Garrandés, 2007 Alejo Carpentier Award was presented in the Pabellón Cuba in La Rampa as part of the University Festival of Book and Reading.

Rogelio Riverón, poet and storyteller, said that this novel fits within the gothic through its praisable haughtiness and he eulogized the use of erotism and humor by its author.

Concerning this he pointed out that the work is an unresting verbal building, where the actions carried out by some characters tend to provoke the other reflux within an elaborated artcraft.

Garrandés expressed that this novel is, in certain extent, the story of the meeting with the sacred aspecto f retrieving love, within a vivid book whose characters ramble along dreams or climb up from the bottom of the earth.

In the text coverlaps can be read that it is a thorough metaphor on loneliness, fear and the mythological character of culture, in a maybe unusual book, within the current environment of Cuban narrative.

When disjointing the onyric and palpable perspectives, these novel environments succeed on joining, besides, a surprising speech concerning incommunication and the unavoidable heretic feature of certain links.

Alberto Garrandés becomes able again as scenographic designer where his characters -his quite convincent characters- are submitted to a violent and luxuriant seclusion.

From now on the author will tour along several important Cuban cities to present his latest novel: "Las potestades incorpóreas", by Letras Cubanas Publishing House.

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