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Cuba's National Ballet starts 60th anniversary celebrations

In the context of celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban ballet company, Abel Prieto extended his congratulations to Alicia Alonso and the founding members of the company which, he said, "has left its ever-lasting imprint on Cuban, Latin American and international culture."

"It is not usual to celebrate the 60th anniversary of an institution, which is an example of rigor, will and strength," said Abel who, along Alicia Alonso, presides over the promotion committee for the 60th birthday of the Cuban National Ballet, which will take place in 2008.

During the ceremony at Havana's "Museo de la Danza", Alicia Alonso launched the festivities for the anniversary and referred to the coincidence of the event with the 21st Havana International Ballet Festival.

The program of activities to mark the celebrations includes samples of films, TV shows, visual arts, literature and other artistic manifestations. A special attraction will be the staging of the ballet piece "The Sleeping Beauty" and the work of outstanding visual artists inspired on the figure of Alicia Alonso.

Also on the agenda is creation of a large and detailed bibliography on the Prima Ballerina Assoluta, by National Social Science Prize winner Eduardo Torres Cueva.

Source: ACN

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