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 Cubans vote in Second Electoral Round

The second round of local government elections, held Sunday in 167 Cuban municipalities, was marked by a massive turnout calculated at over 10,300 voters, said the president of the National Electoral Commission Maria Esther Reus.

Voters went to the polls to elect 3,028 delegates out of 6,102 candidates, being 2,020 women and 976 youths, said Reus, who pointed out that 86,06 percent of the eligible voters had already cast their ballots three hours before the closing of the voting stations.

The second round of elections took place in those districts, where none of the candidates garnered more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round, held last October 21.

In the country's eastern provinces, the vote took place normally despite the occurrence of heavy rains, said the president of the National Electoral Commission


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