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Today United Nations debate

Today, the UN General Assembly is to debate the issue of the U.S. blockade imposed on Cuba in what is expected to be a repetition of the severe international condemnation of Washington for that punitive measure against the island.

For the 16th year running the subject will be discussed in the General Assembly, which will then vote on the Resolution: The Need to put an End to the Economic, Trade and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States on Cuba.

Meanwhile, from Managua, President Daniel Ortega affirmed to Prensa Latina that the peoples of the world are with Cuba, and announced that Nicaragua is to vote against the blockade.

The Sandinista leader added that the virtually unanimous support for Cuba to be expressed on Tuesday in New York will likewise reflect international sentiments on the recent anti-Cuba speech by President George W. Bush.

"It was a disrespectful and interfering diatribe," stated Ortega, who expressed his conviction that despite Washingtons attacks, "the important thing is that Cuba is firmly there, with Fidel."

Source: Granma Internacional

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