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 Cuban 2nd round Municipal Elections Sunday

Runoff elections for Cuban Municipal Assembly delegates will be held on Sunday, part of the first stage of the general elections in progress in the country.

Authorities of the National Electoral Commission -CEN- confirmed that 2,971 town council candidates, those left to complete the 15,236 delegates that will be part of the municipal governments, will be elected this time.

As a result of last Sunday's first round 12,265 delegates were elected to those People's Power structures, 3,288 women and 2,053 young people with 47.09 percent of those elected currently occupying that post.

All Cubans over 16 are eligible to vote, with no exception of race or gender, and first round reported an attendance of over 95 percent and CEN officials expect high attendance at the second round as well.

When half the council people are elected, they will be able to shape the provincial and the national assemblies, which will be elected on a date yet to be defined.

Source: CubaSi

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