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Elected Cuba as member of UNESCO executive council

Cuba was elected as a member of the UNESCO Executive Council on Wednesday during the organizations 34th General Conference that will be held in Paris until November 3. Cuba was one of the most supported countries during the election process, receiving 157 in favor of the possible 167 votes.

Cuban Ambassador to UNESCO Hector Hernandez Pardo told Prensa Latina news agency that this designation is in correspondence with the efforts made by the Cuban government to develop education, science and culture. Hernandez said that its also an acknowledgement of the majority of the organizations member states to the social work carried out by the Cuban Revolution, and its solidarity efforts toward other peoples from around the world.

Hernandez Pardo added that the appointment is a message to the US government, bent on maintaining its blockade against the Caribbean island. He pointed out that of the 31 nations elected Cuba was sixth in votes received for the nomination.

The executive committee is one of UNESCOs three constitutional organs, made up by 58 member states, which exercises its mandate for four years. The executive council studies the work program of this important UN agency, as well as the corresponding budgets.

Source: Granma

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