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Daniel Ortega lashes out at Bush for anti-Cuba measures

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega criticized George W. Bush on Tuesday for new measures against Cuba to be announced before the diplomatic corps in Washington on Wednesday.

"Imagine that here we call in the diplomatic corps because of this tragedy [flooding in several departments] and tomorrow in Washington the president of the US convenes the diplomats to give bad news to the Cuban people," said Ortega.

Ortega met Tuesday with ambassadors to Nicaragua to request international support to help flood victims after persistent rains during nearly two months.

"I thought the US president was going to convene the diplomatic corps to talk about the fires in Los Angeles (but) no, he is going to speak about continuing to enflame the Cuban people," said Ortega.

The Sandinista leader greeted Cuban ambassador Luis Hernandez who was present at the meeting with the diplomats based in Managua and sent "our solidarity to our brother President Fidel Castro and the courageous Cuban people."

Source: Granma

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