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Over 8 million 300 thousand cubans ready to vote on Sunday
Over eight million 300,000 eligible voters are ready to vote for their local government representatives on Sunday in the first round of general elections scheduled throughout the island.

The President of the National Electoral Commission, Maria Esther Reus, said on Thursday in Havana that some 300,000 sixteen-year-olds will vote for the first time. She said that this is possible because "voters do not have to register; the process is automatic."

The president of the National Electoral Commission added that "we are ready to vote for the over 15,200 delegates to the municipal assemblies." Maria Esther Reus, who also serves as Cuba's Minister of Justice, pointed out that 32 percent of the districts have more than two candidates, which might force the elections to a second round.

The date for the elections to the provincial assemblies and deputies to the National Assembly or Parliament will soon be announced.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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