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A Revolution in the Life of the Cuban Armed Forces

The Womens Voluntary Military Service constitutes a revolution in the life of the Cuban armed forces, says Julio Martínez, first secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC).

The youth leader expressed this opinion during an exchange between that organizations National Bureau with young women, members of the UJC and social workers who recently joined the armed forces.

Under this particular command are around 180 female members of the Womens Voluntary Military Service; of them, a hundred are active members of the youth organization.

Julio Martínez considers that military units will become true schools in the training of cadre for the youth organization, and that the volunteers will demonstrate that they can carry out tasks related to defense, politics and social work while pursuing higher studies.

"Defense and the domestic order are in very young hands. You have the great responsibility of making the Revolution indestructible, and today we cannot speak of Latin American unity if we cant guarantee the survival of Cuba and the proper political and military preparation of the next generation," said Martínez.

He also recalled the increase in threats and pressures by the United States government against the island and called on the young soldiers to continue their defense training.

Martínez also urged the troops to take advantage of the system of political preparation employed in the Cuban armed forces, which pays individualized attention to the work that each youth carries out.

"We should use the July 26 speech by Raúl Castro (pointing to the need for structural reforms in the Cuban economy) as a guide for political work, approaching these challenges with a critical and creative spirit. Nor should we forget the alert that Fidel made to youth at the Grand Hall of the University of Havana in November 2005, where he pointed out that we are responsible for whether the Revolution is or is not destroyed," highlighted Martínez.

Source: Juventud Rebelde

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