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Cuban Medical School celebrates 40th Anniversary of its first graduation

The ceremony to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first graduation of doctors and dentists in this city took place in one of the main chambers of city hall. The observance was presided over by the first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party in Santiago de Cuba, who is also a member of the Political Bureau of the Cuban Communist Party.

During a solemn ceremony, a commemorative plaque marking the 45th anniversary of advanced medical instruction was awarded to the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba, along with the presentation of other honors to the institution.

In addition, freshmen students received symbolic Federation of University Students (FEU) membership cards.

The first medical school of the then "University of the Orient" opened its doors in 1962, where a year later began the study dentistry as a specialty. On September 24, 1967, 35 doctors and 19 dentists graduated - the group that marked the beginning of professional medical education in eastern Cuba.

"Today, we pay homage to those 54 graduates of that first School of Medicine created in Santiago de Cuba by the Revolution," said Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Jorge Palomo Luna. He was not mistaken when he recalled the words of Dr. Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, who "during that first graduation" called it a historical event that would be engraved in the memory of all of the people who participated in the realization of such a beautiful task.

"These doctors, consulting professors and grade two specialists have completely fulfilled all of the tasks assigned to them and have occupied their assigned posts in times of need or when requested. They have made their greatest contribution to the healthcare units, where they have provided services or worked as volunteers in needy countries, firmly committing themselves to the call of the homeland," said Palomo Luna.

Source: By Nalena Jarez Rivero, Sierra Maestra

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