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Aboriginal site discovered in Guanabo Beach

Cuban archeologists have discovered a remarkable aboriginal site at Punta Macao, on Guanabo beach in eastern Havana, which contains ceramics and pottery objects, according to a report given at the 2nd International Archeology Seminar that recently took place in the islands capital, attended by delegates from 200 countries.

Researcher Alessandro López Pérez highlighted that the ceramics are decorated with anthropomorphic motifs, something that has never been reported in western Cuba, according to a report by the Xinhua agency.

López Pérez, a member of the Archeological Department at the Havana City Historians Office, said that carbon dating on some of the pieces shows that they were made around 800AD.

In his opinion, they could be attributed to Mesolithic ethnic groupings and can be assumed to belong to agro-potter populations.

Source: Granma Internacional

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