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"The embargo has been successful", cynically said the US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, when he bragged three weeks ago during the presence of an ultra conservative auditorium, of how a criminal and economic, commercial and financial blockade has fulfilled its goal of denying resources to Cuba for its development.

The officers statement following day, whose cruelty reveals his unnatural Cuban condition, coming from a family that left the island almost at the triumph of the Revolution, Chancellor, Felipe Pérez Roque introduced undeniable evidence of the social, economic and human prejudice that implies this policy of the North American governments during nearly five decades, with a higher cost of US 89 thousand millions.

I believe nobody in this country mostly of workers and humble people, could think about such a fabulous quantity of money. We would not even dream on how we could go, bill after bill, this pile of an unthinkable size, a product of the continued robbery against our families; but we are fully aware of how much suffering, opportunities losses and even lives have caused this heinous figure.

That is why the blockade issue is frequent in the Cubans existence and we would have elements to talk about throughout the whole year on its consequences, if it did not mean to demobilize from other efforts, undoubtedly much more important that constantly complaining on this continued aggression, whose goal would be in the end, to take our independence from us as a nation.

Because this economic war is not fiction or a pretext, as many state, who are also the enemies of the Revolution. In fact, those of us who live and work on the island empathically reject and criticize any attempt of justifying our deficiencies which we do have and many that are a direct cause of blockade. However, the two causes the external and the local ones interact, which contributes to worsen even more life conditions of the Cuban population.

That is why, we restless struggle against our own problems, it is so necessary to unveil the inhuman face of blockade. Therefore, this national campaign that is the result of Cubas report at the National Assembly of the United Nations every year, it is first of all a historical exercise of justice that looks to show the exact pain, the specific scarceness, the precise denouncement of problems caused to our daily existence, the absurd chase against the islands interests in any region of the planet.

Most of the Cubans, more than 70%, have been born, grown and some have died in the sad era of blockade.

We do not have any idea of how this country would work without such a "preventive attack" but we believe this society would be much better of what it is already since we have reached health, education indexes and higher equity to those of many rich states.

Besides, condemning the so called "embargo" that the different Yankee administrations representatives deceitfully call a "unilateral measure", Cuba does not only defend its people. If we have achieved the growing support and practically unanimously of the international community in this diplomatic battle- will be the 16th occasion this year, it is because it has also shown how much damage the blockade causes to persons and interests everywhere in the world, including the North American people itself.

This "transnational" chase has been toughened to delirium during George W Bush presidency and it is the longest and obsessive example of chase of the empires decisions from an intolerant mighty and hegemonic power against one country.

But the tenacious and creative resistance of Cubans, together with world solidarity, forces that sooner or later will defeat this genocide policy, which turns out to be morally unsustainable and in the long term as survival and the growing trend of the Revolution and Socialism has shown in our country, blockade is fully inefficient to subdue our people.

Source: By Francisco Rodriguez Cruz, Trabajadores

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