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UNICEF collaboration corroborated in Holguin

Nils Kastverg, UNICEF's (the United Nations Children's Fund) chief representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, on a visit to Cuba learned at Holguin city of the stage of several joint projects sponsored by that UN entity.

Kastverg, accompanied by national UNICEF officials and provincial Government executives, appraised several projects of the 27 currently held, starting 2005, in areas such as health, education, sports, and culture; accounting for almost half a million dollars.

Among them, he highlighted the chats held at the municipal and provincial Health promotion centers, by the promoters of the program to prevent VIH-AIDS.
He was amazed by the fact that there has never been a case of a child being born with the Acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the province, and the low incidence of the illness in the population between 15 and 18 years.

The executive also visited the Clinic for the prevention of low-weight at birth, one of its kind in the country, here at the Cuban City of the Parks, plausible example of the comprehensive efficacy of the primary assistance to pregnant women at risk of early delivery.

Kastverg was also informed of the achievements attained by the communal project "Venga La Esperanza" (Let Hope Come) at the Alcides Pino community.

Source: By Alexis Rojas,

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