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Polito Ibáñez & Pablo Milanés' joint work
Famous singer song-writer Polito Ibáñez is recording together with Trova Movement icon Pablo Milanés a song for his new disc Sombras amarillas as reported the young composer of the song Aromas de jazmín in an exclusive to CubaSí.

"The video clip will soon come out. I also produced the sound track for a documentary on Eusebio Leal that movie actor Luis Alberto García (La vida es silbar, Madrigal) made working as film director for the first time.

Regarding the homage to the late troubadour Noel Nicola, Ibáñez said the song he sings was drawn from his album Reza el cartel dealing with " a creative musical site -unknown to Noel - offers complex compositions that require an extra effort on the part of the performers".

He added that as many others he did know Nicola's rough side, which in the end was not that rough.

"Once" he recalled "I was preparing a disc for the Unicornio Studio, with Nicola as editor. I asked him to give me a modern sleeve to what he asked me;" in you opinion whats modern? "

"That question plunged us into a long confrontation that we could work out. As for my part, the controversy led me to accept singing several of his best pieces Ive presented on different world scenarios".

Source: CubaSi

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