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Cubas Contemporaneous Music Festival

Musicians of seven countries will take part in the upcoming International Contemporaneous Music Festival Habana 2007, the greatest of its kind Cuba celebrates dedicated to the youth this year.

Guido López Gavilán, president of the Festivals organizing committee told the media that some of the guest artists are Maestros Florentín Giménez (Paraguay), Josep María Balanyá (Spain), Detlef Bensmann (German) and Fernando Mariñas (Mexico).

Giménez visits the island for the first time and will direct the National Symphonic Orchestra, whose program includes one of his pieces based on a Guaraní legend.

The event runs Sept 29 through Oct 8 and will be introduced by an open concert entitled Prólogo paying homage to Harold Gramatges and Héctor Angulo.

López Gavilán explained the Festival has been calling on young talents and students, who have stood out in workshops on and recitals of chamber music.

The gathering also will tribute composer Carlos Fariñas 5th death anniversary giving the recital Jóvenes compositores de ayer y de hoy featured by 18 artists as Gavilán announced.

Whereas the 40th anniversary of the Argentinean-Cuban Guerrilla-Fighter Ernesto Che Guevaras death in combat.

Another guest in attendance will be the Guatemalan director Jorge Sarmientos, the first one in composing music inspired by Che will direct the National Symphonic Orchestra.

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