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47 years of the CDR work

Sugar cane plantations set on fire, civil and military airliners hijacking, attacks on factories, public service buildings and diplomatic mission staff...Killings all these atrocities took place shortly after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The enemies outside Cuba and their indoor mercenary supporters began showing their opponent stance against Cubas new socio-political process.

During the evening of Sept 28, 1960, Havana people are called to assemble in front of the former Presidential Palace to listen to Fidels speech on his first visit to the United Nations.

A terrible blast is heard nearby. Then another explosion occurred, even more powerful than the first one. None of the rally attendants ran away. All were ready to form a human shield around the top leaders of the Revolution Fidel, Raúl and Che.

Then Fidel proposed: "Lets establish a collective vigilance system to prevent Yankee imperialisms footmen move freely inside our country, because after all we are the ones who live in this city."

Those who rallied and heard the proposal accepted enthusiastically and shortly after this, the first Committees for the Defense of the Cuban Revolution (CDR) were established.

Born due to the internal terrorist attacks and imperialist bombing, the CDRs soon turned into a powerful army for the defense of the Cuban people in safeguarding the achievements of the Revolution.

However, many more important tasks have been implemented in the development of such a powerful mass organization.

Since 1962, the CDRs stage national vaccination campaigns against 13 preventable diseases. Thats why Cuba stands today as a health power in the main stream of the international science arena compared to more developed countries average rates.

Voluntary blood donations, paradigm of high human expressions is one of the central tasks of the CDRs originated in a great revolutionary effort.

Other major activity of these neighborhood watch groups is to mobilize citizens to support of the Border Guard Troops in the program Looking a Sea mainly implemented to avoid drug trafficking. Also they help in the raw-material collection by street blocks, doing voluntary works in state farms, schools, hospitals, supporting families enduring critical situations of any type, sanitary campaign against propagation of Aedes Aegypty mosquito; illiteracy campaign and upgrading courses available for the population.

There are currently 8 million Cubans grouped into the CDR that has taken pride of its fertile political, ideological, educational, cultural and economic works in favor of the community and the family.

Bushs gang and footmen insist on imposing a democratic transition on Cuba and organizing a civil society for us. Title III of the Helms-Burton law, a modern application of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, Section 205 establishes "requirements and factors to determine the existence of a transition government". It also determines the dissolution of the CDRs given they are the largest non-profit and non-governmental mass organization in the planet, whose members are supportive of the ruling government.

The CDRs as the darling organization of the Cuban people and the most hated of Cubas enemies keep on being the eyes to the soul of the Revolution, doing the Revolution without a break

Source: CubaSi

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