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Indigenous voices at Havana Poetry Festival
The voices of indigenous peoples of the Americas and other continents will have a privileged place at the 13th Havana International Poetry Festival to take place May 26-31, 2008.

A meeting was held in Havana to discuss promotional strategies as part of preparations for the poetry festival slated to make the Cuban capital the ideal venue for poetry from Native American and Mestizo communities that have maintained a core of resistance and identity.

Coordinator Alex Pausides said it is important that living poetry, both written and oral, expressed in the Nahautl, Quechua, Aymara and Mayan languages be known along with the indigenous poetry of North America or the Creole dialects born and rejuvenated in the Caribbean.

Rogelio Martinez Fure, honorary festival president, highlighted the value of the indigenous poetry and diversity in the face of current globalization. Angolan poet Antonio Goncalves spoke about the need to defend literature written in native African languages and the Creole of the former Portuguese colonies.

The meeting also served as an occasion to celebrate the outstanding contribution of Martinez Fure, 70, to knowledge on popular Cuban and African cultures.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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