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 Three homage of cuban culture

If ever a generation stood out for its protagonism in Cuban culture in the different artistic and intellectual expressions was that of the 30s.

It is precisely to it that its paid homage on the celebration of the Day of the Culture next October 20. Two of its most brilliant personalities are remembered in the centennial of its creation: Eduardo (Eddy) Chibas, and Raul Roa Garcia.

The field of politics was the scenario that drove both of them against the tyranny of Machado and also in the creation of a new social project that would steer toward justice, independence and freedom.

From that crucible were born plays, speeches, reflections, ideological trends with a nationalist and revolutionary thinking that nurtured its roots in the legacy of Jose Marti, whom both Chibas and Roa dedicated several chapters of their intellectual work in the field of ideas.

The celebration days which will begin on October 10, will include homage to literature, in the 105 anniversary of the poet Nicolas Guillens birthday whose writing synthesized a historical process in the mixture of races, ethnics, cultures, traditions in the miscegenation of an Island, from his own Caribbean nature.

Three creators who planted from the youth to the maturity, a work magnetized by the beauty and hope, from the knowledge of the universal culture, without contradicting the essence of their origins, which found in each of them and their different artistic and ideological speeches, the legitimate expression of Cuban identity.

Chibas, Roa, and Guillen, a triad of multiple projections, strong individualities that are manifested from the intelligence, sensibility, thinking, spirituality seeking a better country, a country they dreamed of and they also contributed to sketch, in the middle of the changes and contradictions of their lives, from the love.

Source: By Mercedes Santos Romay, CubaSi

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