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 Cuban cigar aroma, taste and art

Four artists agreed to choose the cigar as the central topic of the collective exhibit Deja que los dioses toquen tu alma inaugurated in the National Cigar Museum in Old Havana.

The artist Carlos Manuel Matalobos displays a special technique for designing antique and contemporary cigar brands artistically garnished with tobacco leaves crafted in the form of masks and god images. Whereas Miguel Ángel Couret exhibits the Producto-Arte-Objeto resembling a revolting electric fan in operation.

On the other hand, the painters David Santa Fe brings in oleo-painting Apocalypses del placer and Jairo Alfonso Castellanos portrays a splendid blend of a tobacco plantation setting with yoga movements tinted with esoteric and catholic expressions.

Art is perhaps most favoured with beautifully full, tangy and almost floral quality cigar with great prospects for the future because new trends in painting, poetry, craftworks and storytelling develop....

Deja que..., the latest sample of the Cigar Museum tackles the topic with intelligence and through projections that identify well-articulated codes to work with colours, shades, canvases and cigar leaves artistically.

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