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Virgilio Piñera 95th anniversary

An excellent text staged by a notable starring comes onstage with a simple and functional backdrop, intelligence and why not, some melancholy, all of which could be ingredients enough to achieve success. José Milián 's play Si vas a comer, espera por Virgilio rejoices the 1970s adventures and frequent coming-together sessions of the notable Cuban dramatist Virgilio Piñera. It happens 10 years after it debuts in Havana.

The release will enable to check out the aging process of both the theatre mounting production and the passions and feelings it stirred up once.


It all began in October 1998 at the central hall Bertolt Bretch that watched so many people queuing to enjoy Piñera's prof trayectory. We're speaking of a peculiar, criticized and admired writer in life and posthumously venerate, no doubt a gem in the history of the Cuban theatre.

Visibly the autobiographical nature of the text adds a special hook to recalling the past. Language and dramatic expression tell the chronicle of an era, which has not been disclosed enough.

Here you are the context: a period of electrical blackouts and lack of materials due to the "special period" Cuba is going through, the Cuban Theatre undergoes a five-year or better a ten-year period of scarcities and limitations of all sort, misunderstandings, discriminations and prejudices that hit among others a group of creators, who remained active, nevertheless, to which Virgilio cannot escape.

Milián did not hesitate to tackle such a thorny subject through texts of high fliers carefully retouched for renowned actors Iván García, Ángel Ramírez Lahera, Arístides Naranjo and Olivia Santana.

According to the program notes by Esther Suárez Durán, "Si vas ......... deals with a single passion and an identical fate, the influential history of the Cuban theatre, the relationship of the artists with an entangled atmosphere that surrounds and sustains them. Also the replay enhances feelings of gratitude, generosity and self-recognition as much as the legitime pride of being alive and active as unquestiobaly controversial theatre people".

Lets meet at Sala Llauradó from this week on.


Source: CubaSi

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