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Archaelogists from Cuba and U.S.A. discovered a Cuban aborigin cemetery
Cuban archaelogists together with their colleagues from the University of Alabama (U.S.A.) discovered a Cuban aborigin cemetery in the eastern region of the island. The site is quite well preserved, and in that area its native tribes processed their foods.

Specialist Roberto Valcárcel, head of this Project, expressed to the local press of Holguín City, located some 900 kilometers from Havana City, that the finding took place in the area of the Chorro de Maíta Archaeolgical Museum.

"It is a small place at Yaguajay, Banes municipality, where foods were possibly processed, and its greatest importance for the research is that it still remains unchanged", told Valcárcel to the Agencia Nacional de Información ( AIN ) (News Information Agency) of Cuba .

The samples collected from that locality ground, where archaeologists restarted their labour after 20 years of research, "would allow to identify the materials used in foods as well as animal remains, and will ease to know ancient stuff from this part of the Museum".

He also stated that those diggings are part of "El Chorro de Maíta project,

Register of the Archaeological space". These works were restarted three years ago and they will finish next November.

According to the AIN : "After the latest researches developed there, two decades ago, archaeologists from Holguíin province and speacialist from the University of Alabama, restarted thier site works with the aim to get more complete informations on the aborigine settlement".

The most diverse and esxtense aborigin cemetery found in the Caribbean region is in Chorro de Maita. It treasures more than a hundred skeletons and bone remains from human groups who inhabited before Chrisopher Colombus arrived in October, 1492.

Source: Cubarte

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