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Las Tunas enjoyed its Carnival

An excellent show was the preamble in Las Tunas city, to the east of Cuba, for the official opening of the traditional carnival that maked happy the inhabitants of this region until last Sunday.

The performance of professional humorists and actors from Cuba such as Angel Garcia, Antolin, and Nelson Gudin, Tahiti Alvariño and Barbaro Marin, as well as the vocalists Vania and Rafael Espin, together with Sandra Orce and Zoe Caselles, combined a harmonious gala in the Square of the Revolution Vicente Garcia, in this city, about 670 kilometers to the east Havana.

The performance of the professional orchestra Los Surik, from Las Tunas, was prominent and prospective with the musical arrangements and choirs by Arnaldo Garcia, and received the good acceptance of the public.

Last Thursday the city opened 25 carnival areas with the performance of more then 50 orchestras from the country and from the province that together with the traditional parade of congas band characterized by the Chinese trumpet and the percussion), comparsas (carnival band where the woodwind instruments prevail)and coaches, delighted the inhabitants.

Pleasing news is that the comparsa Estampas Tuneras, absent for three years, participated again in the most popular party of this eastern territory.

Las Tunas was a sleepless city where the music didn't stop, the Chinese trumpet resonated and the drums pealed at any hour, while the people refreshed the hot with cold beer.


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