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Cuban voter registration lists to be posted
Voter registration lists with all citizens eligible to vote in the October 21 municipal elections will be posted next week in each voting district for public scrutiny.

The voting age in Cuba is 16, and all apt citizens are automatically included, avoiding the often discriminatory or complicated registration processes in many countries where ample sectors of the population are left unable to vote.

Ruben Perez, vice president of the National Electoral Commission, said the voter registration lists will be posted on Tuesday September 18. He insisted that citizens check their names and personal information and communicate any errors to the local electoral commission for correction.

Nonetheless, he added that the commissions set up by voting district are instructed to go "house-to-house" to verify the voter information with the residents.


Nominations for candidates for local office take place through September 26 in small neighborhood and community meetings throughout the country. Perez said the National Electoral Commission is pleased with the organization, discipline, unity and revolutionary spirit demonstrated by citizens at the different assemblies.

Perez noted that a large percentage of candidates nominated are women and young people. This is considered an achievement within what is called the Battle of Ideas, a stepped-up effort to create a more participative and equitable society.

While the September rains forced some candidate nomination meetings to be postponed, Perez said the process should conclude on schedule.

Source: By María Julia Mayoral, Granma

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