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Sancti Spiritus: The process of nomination of candidates for the Peoples Power municipal assemblies

The nomination of candidates for the Peoples Power municipal assemblies keeps on smoothly in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus with the massive attendance of the people.

The residents in every electoral district can nominate or be nominated no matter sex, race, religion or social origin in the different assemblies that will be over next September 26th.

It was necessary to increase both the nomination areas and the constituencies this year according to the requirements set in the Electoral Law since the quantity of nomination areas depends on the amount of residents in the different places.

Pedro Solenzal Morales, president of the Provincial Electoral Commission told Escambray that this territory, like the rest of the islands provinces, is ready to fulfill every stage for the first and second round of the general elections scheduled for October 21st and October 28th respectively.

Cuba features two kinds of electoral processes: general elections and partial elections. The first one is performed every five years to elect the delegates to the municipal assemblies along with the deputies to the National Assembly of the Peoples Power and the Council of State and the delegates to the provincial assemblies. The second process, performed every two and a half years, only entails the election of the delegates to the municipal assemblies.

Source: By Carmen Rodríguez Pentón, Escambray

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