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  • 09 / 07 / 2007

Have you ever lost anything?
Four hours later, the distressed owner came in and Yudenis and her workmates learned that the wallet contained 5,000 Euros.

"You saved my life. The wallet contained the money I saved little by little to make this trip," said Spaniard Raul Caraballo, impressed by the gesture.

The attitude of the young woman and her co-workers at the ServiCupet gas station in the town of Giron, Matanzas brought praise from the tourist and everyone else who learned about the case.

Jesus Rodriguez Fernandez, who had the next shift after Yordenis, recalled that the Spaniard arrived from Cienfuegos at around 10 in the morning after noticing the loss and returning without much hope of finding his wallet.

After receiving his wallet, Caraballo checked to see that the money was there and then shook the hand of the attendant thanking him and his coworkers for the generosity of their action.

Source: Granma

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