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The american people themselves must demand freedom for the Cuban Five

One of former US President Jimmy Carters daughters violated the law when she occupied a university building in protest of illegal acts of aggression against Nicaragua in the 1980s. However, she was found not guilty! The intention of preventing the useless death of thousands of people weighed more than her infraction; therefore, the court declared her innocent.

Such fundamental rule is not applied to Cuba. The US government does not recognize that five Cuban men needed to infiltrate the terrorist groups in South of Florida to prevent hostile actions against the Cuban people.

"Should we wait for Washington to willingly rectify the clumsy injustice it has committed against Gerardo, Rene, Ramon, Fernando and Antonio?" said the president of the Cuban National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcon, in an interview broadcast on Tuesday on the Round Table TV news/commentary program.

"Continuing the struggle to raise popular awareness about this case: that is the key, that is what the Cuban Five have signalled, said Alarcon, for whom the possibility to move up the liberation of the Cuban Five lies on the ability to mobilize the people.

"What we need," he said, "is for the American people to organize themselves in the streets, unions, factories to demand the end of this outrage. And the first step is to allow those people to know the truth."

The President of the Cuban Parliament added that throughout the history of the United States, no political case has been settled solely in the courts. If there has been justice, it has had to do with the popular struggle, such as when John Lennon defended a Black activist to whom a court had rejected to grant his freedom. Tens of thousands of peoples called on by the artist unveiled what the prison bars and the press tried to hide.

"Therefore, mobilization is the key element of this case. Even the US government agrees with us; thats why they prefer to remain silent," said Alarcon.

The next International Campaign to Free the Cuban Five, scheduled to run from September 12 to October 8, will be an excellent opportunity to knock at the door of the American peoples consciences. Little by little, they will answer the call.

Source: By Luis Luque López, Juventud Rebelde

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