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Cuba Moves on Seismology Research
Cuba has moved considerably in the last 15 years on the research of telluric movements, due to the creation of a national institution that prevents danger and provides authorities with scientific resources to face them.

In statements published Friday in "Granma" newspaper, O'leary Gonzalez Matos, director of the National Center of Seismology Research, stated that the institution has an infrastructure scattered throughout the country to monitor, register and evaluate the telluric activity.

Gonzalez Matos said that the center not only deals with the Cuban archipelago, but also the Caribbean region, as well as maintains exchange with similar world organizations.

The Cuban archipelago is located in the same seismic belt that joins Central America with the extensive zone of the Pacific Ocean, but fortunately, earthquakes have been of small intensity and with minimum damage.

Source: Prensa Latina

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