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Variety show from Baracoa to Pinar del Rio

A new cultural project of promoter Gaspar Gonzalez-Lanuza will travel Cuba from east to west beginning September 5-6 in Baracoa, Guantanamo and ending at the end of October in the Guanacahabibes Peninsula in Pinar del Rio.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the National Council of Culture Houses, the tour troupe is comprised of ballet dancers, theater artists, dancers and pop musicians.

The latest traveling variety show is a continuation of efforts begun by Gonzalez-Lanuza some four decades ago.

This year, artists from some of the different places to be visited will take part in the show, including members of the Santiago de Cuba Ballet, and the Ernesto Lecuona Lyrical Theater and the Teatro Rumbos both from Pinar del Rio. Havanas Cucalambe Folk Dance Group is another of the tour highlights.

Source: By Antonio Paneque Brizuela, Granma

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