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Urban agriculture boosts employment and food production
Urban agriculture in Cuba has created close to 50,000 jobs, a figure which is set to increase as the urban agriculture movement spreads across the island.

According to sources at the Ministry of Agriculture, there are now more than 35,000 hectares of land dedicated to this pioneering form of food production and the aim is to further increase the program.

The sector continues to create jobs, and salaries reflect productivity creating an incentive for workers to maximise output.

Urban agriculture has decreased pressure on land in rural areas, where extensive exploitation has made agriculture more expensive and less productive.

Although there is still some way to go to fullfilling the population's demand for fresh fruit and vegetables, urban agriculture has contributed to an increase in the availability of agricultural products, and plays an important role in reducing Cuba's dependence on food imports, which currently cost the country millions of dollars per year.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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