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 Cubas tie interactive sample

Cuban tailoring covers a variety of dressing styles. This time a collection of ties dated from the last century are in exhibit through an interactive sample in Old Havana Historical Site.

The initiative organized by Havana Historians Office in Old Havana neighbourhood enhances the effort for promoting cultural perspectives throughout the territory.

Its a nice collection of ties with printed designs manufactured between 1936 and 1960 said designers José Ramón Torres, Ernesto Cardet and Piedad Subirat.

They have lots of elegant white linen, la muslin or raw linen ties edging in fine lane.

Although the comings and goings of the all-time fashion have brought in use different formal manners of dressing, the small tie and a handkerchief in the jacket pocket have maintained prestige over the years.

However it lost the virile nature it had had since the 19th century as ties became a cute touch in female outfits ever since.

The famous movie star Marlene Dietrich pioneered the movement of women wearing traditionally male clothing, despite many cultures around the world still prohibit women present themselves in society dressed in male attire.

The idea is to expand the variety and availability of such masculine piece, no matter the youth and some skeptical people look at it as an unusual and useless relic of the past.

Source: CubaSi

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