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Computing Young Clubs inn its final straight of the celebrations for the 20 anniversary
With the opening of an exhibition show about the achievements and experiences of the Young Clubs is entering in the final straight the celebrations for the 20 anniversary of this revolution program. Last Tuesday there was a party and looking back day for the Young Clubs when at the Central Computing Palace of the Cuban capital was opening the exhibition that will travel along the island.

After the successful initiative of a computing hall at the Cuba Pavilion in the summer of 1987, Fidel draw the way of this ship that has been already for two decades "computerizing the hope". "Computerizing the hope" is the title of the exhibition that is being displayed for the 20 anniversary of the Young Clubs of Computing and Electronics (JCCE, after its initials in Spanish).

With this exhibition that will be until next September 2nd it is show the development of the JCCE. The JCCE is the only project in the world that drives the massive access to the new technologies of information and communications.

Every province created its own scenario and stand to show the achievements of the communitarian educational program, which mission is to create an information culture specially for the children and young people and, therefore, play an active role in the computerization process of the Cuban society.

As part of the exhibition can be seen a technological exhibition that goes from those first computers and displays, among other parts, until a representation of the current technological potential that is above 7,000 computers, as well as printers digitalization of images devices, storing and reproduction of information devices and other equipments that the program has.

The activity was presided over by Hassan Pérez Casabona, Second Secretary of the National Desk of the Union of Young Communists and by Jorge Luis Perdomo, vice minister of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications.

Young Club in the streets
At the same time, there will be a festivity day at the Central Palace . In the next few days there will be party to founders, the launching of a digital magazine, Tino, and the presentation of multimedia. There will also be the issuing of a postal stamp and will be awarded the winners of poetry, song and digital art competition, called from the web site of the Young Clubs and the National Festival of Free Software.

Raul Van Troi Navarro, national director of the JCCE, stated that next Sunday, as part of activities for the end of the summer, there will take place for the first time in every Young Club a cultural recreation Festival honoring the organization anniversary. In the streets next to the Palace there will be 80 computers with participation games, as well as other expressions of the informatics world.

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