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Reviving the promotion of magazines edited in Cuba
The arrival in recent years of a new stability period in the publication of Cuban magazines is giving the possibility of having a distribution mechanism to break the isolation and the lack of exchanges of the island. And the lack of exchanges is not only between the islands with the Spanish speaking countries, but also, among the Spanish speaking countries.

The previous can be said due to the presentation of three magazines edited in Cuba: Casa de las Américas, Revolución y cultura and Conjunto - made last Sunday at the Cultural House Raúl Anguiano, in honour of the 54 anniversary of the attack to the Moncada barracks.

In the presentation took part Federico Alvarez, Jaime Chabaud and Aralia
López González. The activity was presented by Vivian Martínez Tabares, cultural attache of the Cuban embassy in Mexico .

Alvarez, a philosopher, presented the resent number of Casa de las Américas (number 246), corresponding to January - March. He commented several articles of the publication, such as the one written by Ambrosio Fornet, about the so called - Grey Quinquennium- , in the 70's. A time when an official and not critical vision of art and culture was dominated Havana , with the consequent persecution of the dissidents.

Fortunately, considered Alvarez, after that period, it was a rectification, the affected were vindicated and restarted a flowering of the arts and letters in the island tat last until present.

Chabaud, director of Paso de gato magazine, commented the number 143 of the Latin-American theatre magazine, Conjunto. In his intervention, he said in Cuba there are not very known the Mexican theatre magazines and in Mexico happens the same with the Cuban magazines. This happens due to a bad distribution.

However, he specified, it happens the same in the Spanish speaking countries and added that there is a hope with the Iberescena project, created in Spain .

The dramatist, who considered as mythical the Conjunto magazine and its director, Martinez Tabares, assured that this number presents an interesting mosaic of approaches about the theatre in Latin America , where it is said what should be done and where should it go in the region.

The Cubanism in the revolutionary period
On the other hand, Aralia López González, researcher of UAM, commented the two recent numbers of Revolución y Cultura, considered the historic and collective memory of the Cuban expression in the revolutionary period. The publication has been directed in different periods by Alejo Carpentier, Lisandro Otero, Enrique Cirules and Luisa Campuzano.

From the last 2006 number, which main topic is about the artistic production of Cuban women, she highlighted among others, the article of Nancy LaGreca about women suicide in the novel Dos Mujeres (Two women) written by Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda in the XIX century.

From the first 2007 number, Lopez Gonzales remembered that the central topic is the theatre and specially the interesting experiment Odin Teatre.

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