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Cuban singer  continues his presentations in different regions of Spain
Renowned Cuban singer Norge Batista Albuerne continues with his presentations in different regions of Spain. Among some of his latest concerts there stand out the ones he gave in Madrid and Santiago de Compostela.

The Las Tunas-born artist performed on June 9 at Rincon del arte nuevo (The New Art Corner) a site located at 17 Segovia Street in Madrid.

The place is very famous with Madrid singers. Many of them initiated their careers there, among whom are Joaquin Savina and Javier Krae.

Norge Batista's concert was a success because the premises, that were relatively small, were filled with people for two hours in which the singer presented his latest CD Algo crece (Something is Growing Up).

A few day ago, on June 28, the young representative of the so-called second Cuban new song movement shared the stage in Santiago de Compostela with his colleagues Xose Constenla and Javier Bergia from Madrid.

He also gave a presentation with a full audience at the Local Social Gentalha do Pichel, located at 21 Santa Clara Street in Santiago de Compostela, in the old section of the city, where locals pay tribute to their patron.

According to local critics the singer was favourably received, and the three artists were applauded with admiration.
Source: By Juan E. Batista, Periodico 26

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