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The TV channel, which was created on the initiative of Cuban President Fidel Castro to take major issues published by the Cuban press to internationalist workers in Venezuela, is also being received by Cuban workers in Belize, Haiti, Honduras, Bolivia, Dominica and Jamaica, a well as in different Cuban areas where TV signals did not reach before.

During the ceremony, which took place at the building hosting the Union of Cuban Journalists, in Havana, Alfonso Borges highlighted the efforts made by the TV channel staff during the past 12 months and their successful results, "a reason to be satisfied as revolutionaries," he said.

Señal ACN maintains a 24-hour programming on the Hispasat 1D Satellite. Its broadcasts text and photo screens on different national and international issues, as well as local news from the internationalist workers' own communities throughout the island. The project also offers an interactive section that allows for bilateral communication between the workers and their relatives in Cuba.

The TV project was implemented with the cooperation of the Information Technologies University, the Cuban Radio and TV Institute, ETECSA Communications Enterprise, and others who have contributed their expertise to the project during the past 12 months.

TV Channel director Elsa Pelegrin announced that SEÑAL ACN will soon be available on Internet, which will provide the project a wider scope, particularly for those Cuban workers who are located out of the reach of the Hispasat 1D Satellite.

Source: ACN

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