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Maria Esther Reus, president of the National Electoral Commission, said the preparatory process of next general elections in the island is ruled by a tight program.

The official told press at the end of a meeting on the process held Thursday in the island's eastern province of Santiago de Cuba, that October 21 is the date to elect delegates to the Peoples' Power municipal assemblies in the island.

The Cuban general elections were called on July 9, through a decree from the Council of State, which also specifies that there will be a second time to elect provincial delegates and deputies to the National Assembly.

Electoral commissions on all levels were created after that announcement, and their members are currently receiving intensive training before starting September 1 meetings to nominate candidates for delegates.

According to Reus, this process, without the mediation of any political party, is characterized this year by over 15,200 electoral areas in the country's all municipalities.

Also justice minister, she stated among other priorities is the update of electoral registers, to define the real number of voters.

Source: Prensa Latina

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