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  • 08 / 20 / 2007

Victor Mesa passed the test
The trophy of champion, most of the individual offensive leaderships for the players of the national team, an excellent pitching and a harmonic game were excellent examples for Victor Mesa leading the Cuban team that won the Port Cities Tournament of Rotterdam.

When it was officially known that the polemic and always winning manager was leading the Cuban team, some people attacked fiercely the decision and argued that the formerly brilliant center fielder was not ready yet for that task, besides his managing techniques were not conventional and could cost dearly to the second national team.

But the reality of the turf proved otherwise. Firstly, Victor is today one of the most experience coaches in Cuba plus with good results. Victor has coached for Villa Clara team in the National Series for seven years now and he has finished twice as runner-up and two bronze medals and he has managed that with a team having serious deficiencies in offensive and pitching.

Source: By Miguel Ernesto Gómez Masjuan, CubaSi.

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