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Cuba finds the way for the October general elections through meetings to train citizens who make up grass-roots electoral commissions.

Created hardly a month ago, those bodies are formed by volunteers, who as electoral authorities have the responsibility to lead the process in municipalities and constituencies.

Their main task is to prepare the assemblies to nominate candidates, as well as neighborhood meetings where neighbors, without the participation of the Communist Party, run their candidates.

Those meetings will start on September 1 until the end of that month, to choose candidates as delegates for the municipal assemblies of the People's Power.

According to a "Granma" newspaper's article published Wednesday, there are experienced people in those commissions, who have worked responsibly in previous elections.

Cuba called July 9 general elections, which will have two stages, according to a decree from the Council of State.

The first stage will elect municipal delegates, while the second one will choose provincial delegates and deputies to the People's Power National Assembly.

Source: Prensa Latina

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