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Cuban TV premiered two documentaries about Fidel

Last August 13th in the afternoon the Round Table premiered on television the documentaries Entrevistando a Fidel (Interviewing Fidel) and Momentos con Fidel (Moments with Fidel), through the channels Cubavisión, Canal Educativo and Cubavisión Internacional.

The first documentary was produced by the round table and the Canal Educativo, and it was made by Arleen Rodríguez and Roberto Ruiz and it collects the rich testimonies of four people who have interviewed the leader of the Cuban Revolution: Gianni Miná, Frei Betto, Tomás Borges and Ignacio Ramonet, whose books with Fidel have travelled the world around.

The second documentary is an ICAIC production, directed by Rebeca Chávez, which as part of the series Cuba: Caminos de Revolución ( Cuba : Revolutionary Roads), collects multiple important moments of the loving relationships of the Commander with the people during these five decades of Revolution.

Source: Cubarte

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