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  • 08 / 14 / 2007

Celebrating El Benny's birth anniversary

Cuba's most recognized and beloved singer/composer Benny Moré, " The King of Rhythm", will be honoured on occasion of his 88th birth anniversary with special activities to take place in Havana from August 19th.

In a press conference given to this effect, Rolando Antonio Fernández head organizer of the homage said the opening show calls on the island's son music orchestras to play at the Salón Rosado de la Tropical, where the King used to perform.

The objective is not only to honouring Benny, but also reviewing the less analyzed parts of his life and work.

One of Moré's granddaughters, Moraima Farraga, explained to Prensa Latina there's a joint effort seeking to recover all type of objects that belonged to the star.

The program also includes a workshop entitled Pensar en el Benny that offers a lecture on the author's musical production by researcher Pepe Reyes.

Also the dance shows Elige tú by Jesus Camejo's jazz band Benny Moré features in the program.

The homage program that takes the name Hoy como ayer - one of the many boleros Benny immortalized - closes on August 24 marking his birth date.

Born in Santa Isabel de las Lajas in the former province of Las Villas in 1919, Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez is Cuban music legitimate pride ever.

He was gifted with an innate talent - never studied music - however could master all of the Cuban musical genres. Bonito y sabroso, Qué bueno baila usted, Cienfuegos, Dolor y perdón, No te atrevas and many more titles were only hit songs in his beautiful tenor voice.

Source: Cubarte

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