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  • 08 / 12 / 2007

Tribute to the Saiz Brothers

San Juan y Martinez, Pinar del Río, August 13, 1957. The day was normal until dinner in the house of the Saiz brothers. Their mother, Esther, was doing the dishes when Sergio and Luis came to kiss her goodbye. It was Fidel Castros birthday and they thought about celebrating it by making a lot of noise.

Next Monday August 13, 2007, it will be 50 years since the day in which two shots ended the lives and dreams of Sergio and Luis in the Martha movie theater, where the dreadful event took place. The Cuban people will pay tribute to two men whose main aim in life was serving the Cuban Revolution.

Yamile Ramos Cordero, first secretary of the Young Communist League in Pinar del Rio, said to Juventud Rebelde newspapers that the organization and the Association Saiz Brothers (AHS by its abbreviation in Spanish) are finishing off the last details to organize a wreath offering at the monument to the revolutionary brothers, and to hold a political and cultural ceremony in the movie theater of the town, which will be attended by 400 locals.

Source: By Yailin Orta Rivera and Zenia Regalado, Juventud Rebelde

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