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The wonders of a traditional music group
Alejandro Robaina, the most famous tobacco grower of the country, is a well known person for everybody, but if we mention "Las maravilllas de Robaina", you will probably wonder, what is that?

They are a sextet dedicated to traditional music, and although many haven't heard them play, when we talk to some people from San Luis municipality, they gave us very good opinions.

This group, directed by Juan FranciscoValdes has already its audience who of course respect them. They were founded on April 2001 and they make different genres of traditional Cuban music.

Apart from Juan Francisco, the group is integrated by Israel Domínguez, Jorge Luis Palacios, Carlos Alberto Valdés, Dariel Benitez and Chadry Hernández and they have participated in different provincial and national events.

They have also made some TV programs in Cuba and a spot for CNN.

They talk proudly about other experiences with Japanese TV, or with Columbia...the truth is that the road to fame is open and it seems they have earned that with the quality of their music.

What they like the most is to play for their people, that's why they tell us about the events held in their municipality, which allow them to be in direct contact with those who like their rythm.

Many of the songs they perform are written by Nelson Chavez, who was a member of the sextet for some years and now works in the capital.

Maravillas de Robaina is almost beginning their career that might give them many fruits; talent and quality go with this sextet that since tobacco fields keep the most autochthonous rythms of the Cuban music on top.

Source: By Ana María Sabat González, Cubarte

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