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Bay of Pigs Remembered at Playa Giron Museum
>More than 10,000 people visited the historic Playa Giron Museum in July, a sign of the growing interest in learning about the epic Cuban victory of April 1961, the first major defeat of US imperialism in Latin America.


Since November of last year, the museum has hosted 57,000 visitors, said staff member Humbelina Sobrino Mendez. She explained that of the total some 19,000 were foreigners and the rest Cubans.

The museum is a popular excursion for young people during their summer vacations and they come from all over Cuba to see with their own eyes memorabilia of the victory over the Bay of Pigs invasion, said Humbelina.

The museum graphically displays the events of the three days of combat and includes photos and brief biographies of the 156 Cubans who died. These included young militia members and people from the town that together summed up the decorum of a revolution in the making.

Other aspects that draw visitor attention are the history of poverty in the area before the 1959 Cuban Revolution and the powerful weaponry used by the defeated mercenary brigade.

Source: Granma

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